Timed – App

We understand that most hunters have an arsenal of hunting calls, such as Rattling Horns, Grunts, Wheezes, Bleats, etc., to reel in the big bucks but over using these tools could be counter-productive for a successful hunt. We’ve asked the experts and consolidated their recommendations in one app that focuses on the routine use of your calls to increase your chances of seeing more game.
When you first launch the app, you’ll see the home screen that’s preloaded with several commonly used calls. They are already setup with the times you should use these calls based on your estimate of the time of the rut. Depending on the stage of the rut, slide the scale; If you’re hunting the pre-rut, slide the scale to the left, mid-rut slide to the middle, and post-rut slide to the right. The times that the calls should be used will automatically update and show you your call timings.

Pre-set with Whitetail Hunting Calls

Based on expert interviews, surveys, and other documented materials, we’ve consolidated the average times that your arsenal of calls should be used while hunting whitetails during the phases of the rut.

Add your Own Call

Just because we’ve hand-picked a selection of calls doesn’t mean that you can’t choose to store your own calls and set them to run on your own defined schedule. Simply click into settings and ‘Create a New Call’ to setup your call and timing frequency. You’ll see your call show up on the home screen along side our preconfigured calls.

Vibrations or Push Notifications

We’ll inform you when it’s your time to act, whether you like to notified by a simple vibration or prefer to have a push notification with the call name.

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